Batteries quote

Martin Motors offering 100% genuine batteries with manufacturer warranty. We have the complete range of automotive as well as inverter batteries and you can buy any car battery and inverter battery from well-known battery brands like Exide, Amaron, Luminous, Okaya etc. We look forward to creating a distinct brand image by catering to the customers with complete range of Car and Inverter batteries with installation in just few hours.

As Battery is viewed as the heart of an automobile, we only sell genuine original branded batteries. A branded battery would have gone through stringent quality testing procedures by the manufacturer. These batteries are built to deliver highest performance and 100% capacity for all kinds of vehicles. Customers are offered full warranty. There are a lot of recycled car batteries sold at cheaper prices by local vendors which are not reliable and often face breakdown problems.

Is it a time to replace or change your old battery of your Car or Inverter or Bike or Bus or Truck or Tractor or Genset or Auto Rick or any other Automobile? Relax..You are at the right place. Customers can call and order for a free car battery health Check.

Martin Motors engineers will thoroughly check the battery and suggest in case of any replacement. Martin Motors also provides full education to the consumers about how to detect the car battery failure and how to do preventive maintenance of a car battery.