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We continuously do deep dive reasearch to improve our business from stereotype petrol pump to extraordinary fuel pump


A customer is most important visitor to our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. We work intensivley for our customers to understand their requirments and meet their expectations.


Marching forward, with decades of experience behind us, was not possible without the determined staff of Martin Motors, highly professional managed team, supported by accomplished staff.


Our services are delivered with overarching principles of constant quality, care and outstanding results. Ours is a highly integrity business, revolving around relationship based on trust.


The primary outcomes of our testing are : Better problem solving, Greater service life, More effective use of resources.

What They Said About Us

Martin Motors has a sensitive and sensible approach towards their services involves Respect & Profitable products and services to us.
Rajeev Goenk: ( MD Amatra Travels)
Martin Motors has a sensitive and sensible approach towards their services involves Respect & Profitable products and services to us.
Ajeet Singh: Brand Consultant

In the world of promises, we believe in Integrity, Consistency, Commitment, Confidentiality

Martin Motors App

In a world, where technology and time changes frequently, there is a big need to walk simultaneosly with the changing world.
Martin Motors took a deep dive research to come up with an innovative cutting-edge idea where our customer can connect through mobile application & social media. Martin Motors Loyalty Programme App has been developed to digitalized our services with cost effective plan, plus our customer can reedem points at certain level of services purchased, where we make an engaging experience with our customers.

  • Proficient and well-organized App in the eye of the customer
  • Execution with quality assurance & cost control features
  • Standardized business ethics & corporate social responsibilities
  • Dedicated towards our commitments

Fuel Tips

"A jorney of thousand miles must begin with inteligent tips."

  • Tip #1 - Remove excess weight

    Take unnecessary bulky items out of the car, such as that shovel you put in the boot to clear snow in winter. Also, if the kids are staying at home, so can their buggy.
  • Tip #2 - Remove external carrying kit

    Such as roof boxes or bike racks whenever they aren’t being used. The car has to work harder to cut through the air due to the extra wind resistance such things create.
  • Tip #3 - Keep your car well maintained

    Pump up your tyres to reduce resistance and get the car serviced regularly to keep everything moving smoothly under the bonnet.
  • Tip #4 - Plan your journey

    Avoid traffic black spots and busy times if possible, and get the map or sat-nav out to avoid getting lost and driving further than necessary.
  • Tip #5 - Switch off AC when it isn't needed

    Unless it’s really cold or uncomfortably warm in the car, leave the air-con turned off. Using it can put a strain on the engine and burn more fuel, especially at low speeds. The same goes for heated windscreens, demisters and other electrical appliances.
  • Tip #6 - Change gear early

    Be gentle and change gear early. Accelerate and brake gently, and change to a higher gear as soon as possible. As a general guide, change up before 2000rpm in a diesel and 2500rpm in a petrol, without letting the engine struggle at low revs.
  • Tip #7 - Stop-start

    Lots of modern cars come with engine stop-start, which can be great if you let it work properly. Sit with your foot on the clutch and the engine will continue to burn fuel; take it off and you’ll save money and fuel.
  • Tip #8 - Stick to the speed limits

    What Car? research shows that driving at 80mph uses up to 25% more fuel than driving at 70mph.
  • Tip #9 - Accelerate accordingly

    Use gravity to your advantage and build up momentum when going downhill to help you then get uphill, rather than accelerating more to get up the incline. The best way to do this is to read the road as if you were on a pushbike and accelerate accordingly.
  • Tip #10 - Anticipation

    Look far ahead while driving and keep moving where possible by anticipating obstacles. Easing off the throttle and keeping momentum is better than speeding up, braking and then starting all over again.